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Top 11 Extraordinary shops in Berlin A cuddly sausage and three kilos of blouses please!

Shopping with a difference! In Berlin there are unusual, unique and crazy stores to discover. Whether you want urban design, beautiful buttons, jumble or a cuddly sausage. Here are our shopping tips with a difference: 1. Die Imaginäre Manufaktur On an antique shelf on the wall which dates back to 1889 and has a conservation order you can find handcrafted products like shaving brushes, wooden toys or notebooks. They were produced by people with and without disabilities and are sold... Read more


Around Alte and Neue Schönhauser Straße in Mitte

The place where we feel at home. When Berliners talk about their ‘hood’, they call it their ‘kiez’. Today, a neighbourhood is a feeling about life: a happening place without hassle. And that’s what Berlin has in trumps – from the Akazien ‘kiez’ in Schöneberg to the Kaskel ‘kiez’ in Lichtenberg. Berlin is divided into administrative boroughs, but it’s their neighbourhood which gives the city its vibrant quality of life. Read more


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