Urban Adventures in Berlin

Kitelandboarding Tempelhofer Feld c visitBerlin

Kitelandboarding Tempelhofer Feld c visitBerlin


Sometimes we just have to take a dare. Like climbing over fences in the middle of the city or sneaking up onto a roof you shouldn’t be on. You know, turn the city into a playground for adults, at least for a couple of hours. Six Berlin bloggers and we at visitBerlin have accepted the challenge and spent a week trying out the urban adventures the city has to offer.

Parkouring Velodrom c visitBerlin

Parkouring Velodrom c visitBerlin

Obstacle course over concrete walls

Saturday, 12 noon: a small group meets on the steps and ramps of the Berlin Velodrom. Among them is Marko of the “Life is a trip” blog, who wants to experience parkouring for the first time with his colleagues-in-arms. As the sun shines brightly, the coaches give initial instructions before turning the city into an obstacle course, crossing walls and going head first down steps. Marko tells the whole story on his blog (in German). Read more on Parkouring in Berlin.

Probably the spiciest vegan currywurst in Berlin

Berlin is famous for its currywurst. Over the years, it has evolved to include many variants, for example, extra spicy and even vegan sausages. Christine from “Lilies Diary” wanted to try both, so she met us on a Wednesday afternoon at Bergmann Curry. Just how painful this “Social Torture” was can be clearly seen in her video.

Roofspeeding in Marienfelde c visitBerlin

Roofspeeding in Marienfelde c visitBerlin

Speedminton on the roofs of Berlin

On Thursday, just before sunset, we meet with Oli of “Kaffeeersatz” and Steven from “Funkloch”. Two-time speedminton world chamption Daniel Gossen is waiting for us in front of the South Beach Halle in Berlin-Marienfelde. He takes the guys onto the hall’s roof. After a few practise strokes, the neon-coloured speeders are flying over the roof. What it looks like can be seen in Oli’s and Steven’s videos. Do you want to try Roof Speeding yourself?

Kitelandboarding on Tempelhofer Feld

Matze of “Pommes gibts immer” has been on a board or two in his time. That’s a good thing, especially if you’re planning to spend a couple of hours holding a kite while standing on a board across the massive open space of the former Tempelhof airport. You can read about how Matze fared on Friday in his blog (in German). Do you want to know more about Kitelandboarding in Berlin? Read on.

House Running am andel's Hotel c visitBerlin

House Running am andel’s Hotel c visitBerlin

Final: House running at andel’s Hotel

Hang off the side of the building in a horizontal position, looking down at the ground 60 metres below you and walking down the side of a hotel? Feli from “Travelicia” and Claudia from visitBerlin took the leap. They took quite the plunge for the finale of urban adventures week on Saturday, but rest assured: they survived. Feli tells you all about it on her blog (in German).

Berlin has even more adventures on offer for city slickers: Urban Adventures Berlin

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