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Whether they’re a musician, actor or screenwriter, no artist can pass by Berlin. It’s been known for a long time that Berlin is one of the most vital and exciting centres for art in the world. As a result, many artists are drawn to the German capital, whether for a few weeks, months or years or even for a lifetime. Two of them are Robyn Rosenkrantz and Michael Glover. Their movie Go with Le Flo premieres on 29 August at Babylon Berlin. We’ve already talked to them…

Go with le Flo

Michael Glover & Robyn Rosenkrantz © Bright Blue Gorilla

Dear Robyn, dear Michael, you are artists from the U.S. Tell us a little bit about yourselves: What do you do exactly?

Robyn: We’re Bright Blue Gorilla: Filmmakers and Musicians from Los Angeles. Michael writes and directs and I produce our films. We’re also a singer-songwriter duo. We’ve been traveling the world since 1990, when we quit our L.A. jobs, sold everything we had (except our guitars) and bought one-way tickets to Europe. We’ve been traveling ever since, doing concerts, screenings and creative workshops all over the world. It’s been a magical journey!

The German theatrical premiere of your latest movie “Go with Le Flo” will be at Babylon Berlin on 29 August. What is the movie about?

Robyn: Florian, half-German, half-French, owns ‘Le Flo’ – a French delicatessen in Berlin. When he meets Camille, the daughter of a famous French director, it’s love at first sight. Florian wants to ask Camille to marry him, but there’s something he doesn’t know… Meanwhile, Florian’s best friend Jenny, who’s German and owns a bakery just down the street, is in love with Florian but doesn’t know how to tell him. “Go with Le Flo” explores what true love is with plenty of twists and turns!

Why did you choose Berlin as the setting for “Go with Le Flo”?

Michael: We shot our other four movies in Los Angeles and thought it was time to make a foreign film. (After traveling the world for almost 24 years we’ve met so many talented artists in Europe.) We thought Berlin, being such a relaxed and also international city, would be the perfect setting and a great place to spend the summer. We ended up having 200 people from 20 different countries work on “Go with Le Flo”. That’s why the film is in German and French, with English subtitles. And the icing on the cake was discovering so many amazing actors from the Berliner Ensemble.

Le Flo © Le Flo

Französische Feinkost Le Flo © Le Flo

Where exactly did you shoot scenes?

Robyn: We found our dream location at the real Le Flo store in Prenzlauer Berg. The moment we walked in we knew it was the perfect setting. It looked like a movie set and we didn’t have to change a thing. We shot many scenes at the historic Babylon cinema in Mitte. And right across the street from Babylon we discovered an amazing designer dress store, Langhein Atelier & Store, which looks like an art gallery. With regard to the bakery – we were looking for something warm and filmic. One day, we were riding our bikes on the way to see a certain bakery and took a wrong turn: All of a sudden we looked up and saw Second Bäck – and again the moment we walked in the magic began! That was the place we’d envisioned. There’s many more wonderful locations we discovered, you’ll have to go see the movie to see them all! (laughs)

The movie is a romantic comedy. Can you recommend romantic places in Berlin?

Michael: We did some filming at night, walking along the river Spree near Museum Island. The way Berlin is lit up at night, especially this area, is very romantic. The lights reflected on the river and the building looked like a painting. And we loved seeing the TV tower lit up in the distance and the trains going by. Just walking around Berlin, day or night, is romantic, it’s the perfect date!

What do you like most about Berlin?

Robyn: It’s such a green city and it’s so nice to see everyone enjoying the parks. On the warm summer nights, the cafes are full to the early hours what reminds us of New York. It’s so fun riding bikes around the city. One day, we filmed near the Brandenburg Gate and 20 of us rode our bikes to the shoot, we had one of those 3 wheel bikes that they take the kids to school in, for the equipment. This was a blast, not something we do in Los Angeles!

Thank you very much for the interview and all the best for your future!

Bright Blue Gorilla Events in Berlin:
23. August 14
Bright Blue Gorilla Konzert at the 2nd Berlin Film Festival Night, Kino Zukunft
26. August 14
“Go with Le Flo” Open air screening and Bright Blue Gorilla concert at im Freiluftkino Kreuzberg
29. August 14
“Go with Le Flo” Babylon Theatrical Premiere Berlin with Bright Blue Gorilla concert

Interview by: Kathrin Hoffmann & Anna Bockhoff

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    Das war der schlimmste Amateurfilm, den wir seit langem gesehen haben. So schlecht, dass die lächerliche Musik von den zwei Produzenten auf Indientrip vor der Aufführung fast noch zu ertragen war. Kameramann ist ein Beruf - das kann man nicht einfach so mal probieren.. Schauspielerisch war es so schlecht - ich hatte den Wundruck, im Laientheater zu sitzen.

    30/08/2014 | 11:02