Top 11 Tips for Berlin on rainy days

Fernsehturm und Berlin Panorama (c) Scholvien

Fernsehturm und Berlin Panorama (c) Scholvien


Cloudy sky? Has the barometer fallen to an all-time low and the rain radar is red? No reason to worry, because in Berlin there is no bad weather, at most unsuitable places. We present you with the most beautiful places in the capital for a rainy day.

1. A little closer to the clouds – on the Television Tower
If you like standing above things, you should go up high. This of course also applies in bad weather. The highest of highs in Berlin are at a height of 207 metres – in the Television Tower Telecafé. You can drink coffee, eat, and see the city from a 360° perspective there.

TV Tower,  Panoramastr. 1 a (Mitte), daily 9am-12pm

2. Brand new and magical: Magicum Museum
Anyone looking for a rain or high pressure spell might find it at Große Hamburger Straße 17. The Berlin Magicum Museum recently opened there, one of the latest additions to Berlin’s museums, and pretty much everything to do with abracadabra and magic potions is on display there.

Berlin Magic Museum, Große Hamburger Str. 17 (Mitte), daily 10am-8pm

Berlin im Untergrund (c) Berliner Unterwelten e.V. Foto Dietmar Arnold

Berlin im Untergrund (c) Berliner Unterwelten e.V. Foto Dietmar Arnold

3. Go underground at Berlin Unterwelten
If it’s too wet, you can simply avoid it by going to Berlin Unterwelten. The Unterwelten Museum is at Gesundbrunnen station, in the historic air raid shelters from World War II. You can also book more underground guides here: e.g. through the old flak bunker, Trümmerberge, the U-Bahntunnel and the Brauerei-Keller.

Unterwelten, Brunnenstr. 105 (Mitte), daily

4. On the mountain but indoors: Magic Mountain
Rain in the mountains is not so great for hikers – Magic Mountain in Wedding, however, is worth a visit in any sort of weather, provided you are not afraid of heights. All sorts of climbing can be done here. There are courses at different difficulty levels, beginners can practice climbing with instructors, and after the hard work has been done you can go and relax in the café.

Magic Mountain Kletterhallen, Böttgerstr. 20-26 (Mitte), Mo, We, Fr 12am-12pm, Thu/Thr 10am-12pm, Sa/Su 10am-11pm

5. The classic: visit Nefertiti
She is often described as the “most beautiful Berliner”: Nefertiti, the around 3,000 year old goddess of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten, whose likeness is on Museum Island. A rainy day is the ideal opportunity to come and see it for yourself. The bust is exhibited in one of the most interesting museum buildings in Berlin, the New Museum, that is itself something of an exhibition piece.

Neues Museum, Bodestr. 3 (Mitte), Fr-We 10am-6pm, Thr 10am-8pm

BIKINI Berlin (c) Bikini Berlin

BIKINI Berlin (c) Bikini Berlin

6. Shopping in Bikini Berlin
Shopping is always an option. Especially in Berlin’s new business under the shopping centres, Bikini Berlin is an experience. Why? This is an original concept for a shop. Items from Berlin and a type of public cinema shows old Berlin films. Afterwards you can go to the Monkey Bar or Neni restaurant on the roof of the 25hours Hotel and watch the raindrops run down the panorama window.

Bikini Berlin, Budapester Str. 42-50 (Charlottenburg), Mo-Sa 10am-8pm

7. Chocolate!
Gloomy whether you’re outdoors or indoors? Chocolate is guaranteed to help! Fans like to go to Fassbender & Rausch in the Gendarmenmarkt. There are even Reichstags and Brandenburg Gates covered in chocolate here. The chocolate café is a unique promise – from almond nut caramel tarts to chili flavoured hot chocolate and foamed milk.

Fassbender & Rausch, Charlottenstr. 60 (Mitte), Mo-Sa 10am-8pm, So 11am-8pm

8. Go swimming in the Liquidrom
If you are looking for quiet, relaxation and adventure, the Liquidrom close to Anhalter station is the right place for you. There you will find a type of liquid concert hall with a floating pool, a warm salt water pool, and underwater music.

Liquidrom, Möckernstr. 10 (Kreuzberg), Su-Thr 10am-12pm, Fr/Sa 10am-1pm

9. Sink into a cinema chair: Astor film lounge
Going to the cinema is also a good option. Not just any cinema, of course. Instead you should try the Astor film lounge: comfortable leather chairs, snacks and drinks ensure your comfort and a good atmosphere. The cinema with its curved ceiling is a protected monument building and also worth seeing in addition to the films.

Astor Film Lounge, Kurfürstendamm 225 (Charlottenburg), daily

Kaffee aus Berlin (c) Markthalle Neun GmbH

Kaffee aus Berlin (c) Markthalle Neun GmbH

10. Sample really good coffee
Pure coffee, hand-filtered, with a long-standing tradition: in Berlin there are some cafés that raised coffee-making to an art form experimenting with aromas and beans – all with the goal of underlying the importance of nuances in flavours such as toffee or “black fruits”. Rainy weather is the opportunity to try out the Berlin slow coffee trend.

11. Visit an umbrella shop
If you don’t want to let bad weather stop you, you should buy an umbrella. But a good umbrella – in a proper umbrella shop. One of the last umbrella shops in Berlin is in Transvaalstraße in Wedding, and is appropriately named Der Schirmmacher (The Umbrella Maker).

Der Schrimmacher, Transvaalstr. 46 (Mitte), Mo-Thr 10am-6pm

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