Blog Trip: Berlin 25 Years Later

Blog Trip Berlin 25 Years Later c visit_berlin instagram

Blog Trip Berlin 25 Years Later c visit_berlin instagram


Germany’s capital is marking a quarter century since the fall of the Berlin Wall – an event that changed the world in 1989. Since then, residents and visitors have claimed new spaces across the city as places to express their creative freedom, for example, the Brunnenstraße art scene, start-ups on Moritzplatz, and reclaiming access to the River Spree, once part of the border fortifications. visitBerlin wanted to show bloggers from all over Europe and the USA just how much Berlin had changed in twenty-five years.

Ten bloggers, seven nations, three days in Berlin

Ten bloggers from France, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Italy, the US and Germany came together 24–26 July to explore Berlin under the hashtag #BLN25YearsLater. Their agenda included such things as a bike tour along the former course of the Berlin Wall with Berlin on Bike and a gastro-tour with Berlinagenten to three very different restaurants, all related to the Wall in some way, of course.
The highlight of the blog trip was a scavenger hunt. In the morning, the bloggers received photos of Berlin before the Wall came down. Their task was to work with their group to identify the places in the pictures and take a photo of the location as it appears today. This resulted in some truly interesting before-and-after shots:

Read what the bloggers had to say about Berlin: 25 years later in their blogs and other social media channels:

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