Nothing is impossible in Berlin

Palermo, Buenos Aires I press my nose against a shop window and cannot believe what I see: fish eats foot! Tourists are sitting there, hold their feet in a tank and let little fish nibble at their feet. This must be one of those South American peculiarities. Where else in the world should something like that be possible?

Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin In a small stylish store in Berlin there are scents and gurgling noises as in hot springs. As if it was the most normal thing in the world, I get a tank assigned for my feet and I’m given a towel. I first wash my feet, then I make myself comfortable and immerse my feet. Very slowly, so that I do not frighten the fish. However, for the moment I care less about the fish…

Hardly in the water, 2 to 3 cm long nibble fish encircle my feet and go immediately down to work, purposefully. It is tingling. Almost as if my feet had gone to sleep or as if I was standing in sparkling water. But much more pleasant. The water is wonderfully warm and every fish works very gently. It doesn’t hurt at all and it doesn’t tickle. Full of fascination I stare into the tank with the around 30 fish attached to my feet and relax. Outside Tourists press their noses against the shop window and cannot believe what they see.

I still have difficulties to believe it: fish nibbling at my feet! And this is supposed to be good! For the fish, and the feet!
After 30 minutes I really have feet as soft as butter. All my toes are still there – I have recounted them. The fish are happy, and so am I. For the “Garra Rufa” this may only be valuable proteins, but for me and my tired feet it is fulfilment after a long day!
And this is exactly why I love this city: There is simply nothing in the world that is impossible in Berlin!

Berlin’s answer to all questions relating to fish spas or fish pedicure is given at the Fußfetifisch, in Prenzlauer Berg at Danziger Straße 26 or on

Written by Karin Willms

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