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Teufelsberg (c) visitBerlin, Foto: Sarah Lindemann

Teufelsberg (c) visitBerlin, Foto: Sarah Lindemann


Each year, ITB Berlin turns the German capital into a hotspot for travel bloggers. visitBerlin wanted to show some of them that Berlin has a lot of hidden places to discover far removed from the convention centre!

Many bloggers had applied to participate in our Going Local Berlin photo scavenger hunt held during ITB Berlin. Twenty participants from ten countries were selected and they gathered on the morning of 4 March 2015 at the Olympic Stadium. The participants were then given photos of hidden and unknown places in Berlin. Their mission: to identify these places and get to each as quickly as possible. Their only tool: the Going Local Berlin app with more than 600 neighbourhood tips for all twelve Berlin districts as well as their social media communities. These were the places they had to locate:

– the old Charlottenburg bathhouse
– the Lipstick Museum
– the Romanian Cultural Institute
– the Literary Colloquium at Wannsee

After a few minutes, the first group set out. Kathi Kamleitner from, Martin Merten from, Jenna Davies from, Inma Gregorio from, and Lucie Aidart from were the first to reach the old Charlottenburg bathhouse and were thus crowned the winners of this scavenger hunt. Just a few minutes later, the other bloggers had discovered and explored their places.

The group then came back together at Grunewald station and made their way to the final stop in the hunt: a tour of the Teufelsberg. The former listening station is the perfect photo opportunity with its backdrop of radomes and urban art.

What the bloggers liked about their experience can be read in their posts. Or you can just check them out using the hashtag #GoingLocalBerlin on Twitter and Facebook. A selection:

Fabio from Bambini con lavaligia (Italy)
Lars from IG Fotografie (Germany)
Lucie from Voyages et Vagabondages (France)

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